Therapy For Perinatal Women & Motherhood

Supporting wellness in women and moms through the years of pregnancy, postpartum, adoption and beyond.

Many women are trying to balance life with parenting, work, marriage, and other commitments. This often leaves women feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. You may also be experiencing anxiety or depression or just feel you could use support in your life. If this sounds like you then the supportive relational style of therapy I provide may be helpful for your situation.

Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs physically, mentally and emotionally. As a parent, the demands of young children can be exhausting, while the demands of growing children require a lot of thinking to stay one step ahead of them. Babies and kids do not come with a manual and each child is different requiring different parenting strategies. What works for one child often does not work for another and one size fits all parenting does not usually work.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a powerful form of therapy that helps people heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences. EMDR therapy has been extensively researched and is designated as an effective therapy for trauma by the American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization and more. (

Play is a child’s best way of communicating what is happening inside of them. Children express their feelings in very different ways than adults. They feel big and can’t hold it in. As a parent it can be very challenging to understand what your child is trying to communicate. You may be at your wits end trying to deal with your child’s tantrums or outbursts. You may wonder if they will grow out of it.

I help my clients with a range of concerns, including:


Prenatal/Postpartum Anxiety

Separation Anxiety




International Adoption


Birth Trauma

Grief and Loss

NICU Stays

Moms Transitioning Back to Work

Parenting Toddlers/Preschool Kids

Parenting Challenging Kids

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